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Company Notion
Conduct oneself honestly,print a fresh world.
Developing Strategy
Our core competition ability is the independence property right.
We are committed to providing superb quality products and service to our faithful customers,in the track of'high technology, world leader and collectivization'.
Customers and Marketing Network
A large marketing nerwork has been built all over the world.
Most of our products are being directly exported to Euro-America,East and South Asia and so on.
This is the professional and large-scale OEM export base in China.
Future Developing Trend of Hanguang
1.We are researching into the toner for color printer and copier to enlarge the product sphere.
We focus on the development of chemic toner and polyester toner,following the international process trend of the toner manufacturing technology.
We have the the self-confidence to become a world-wide famous toner supplier,looking forward to your supporting.
2.Pay high attention to evaluation of produts affecting to human and environment,also highly concern on the making process affecting to human and environment.
Wecontinuously adopt safe,environmental and the latest technology and reaffirm our commitment to constructing harmonious society.